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How do you support yourself and your family if you can’t work? How do you make sure you are compensated fairly for suffering an injury on the job? Questions like these may be on your mind if you were recently hurt as a result of performing your job duties. Fortunately, laws exist to protect you in this exact situation.

Having an attorney experienced in these types of claims can be invaluable. Attorney Karl Truman and our team know how to properly investigate your case to determine the cause of your injury or illness, as well as who is liable. Your no-obligation consultation with us is completely free: Simply call our office at 502-222-2222 to find out if you have a claim.

What Type of Work Injury Claim Do You Have?

Whatever your exact scenario may be, we encourage you to call us as soon as possible if you were hurt on the job. We can determine if you have a claim and what your options are for pursuing maximum compensation.

Our lawyers can discuss with you how your claim may fall under the work injury laws in Kentucky and Indiana, some of which are listed below.

  • Workers’ compensation claims: When you are injured on the job, you are owed workers’ compensation benefits (unless your employer is one of the few exempt from carrying this insurance). These insurance benefits exist to pay your medical bills and replace a portion of your lost wages, regardless of fault.
  • Construction accidents: The construction industry in our region employs a lot of people. These men and women go to work every day, building the homes, roads, buildings, bridges and other infrastructure we depend on. But construction is also one of the most hazardous job industries. Construction workers may be facing expensive treatment for catastrophic injuries. Workers’ compensation or a claim against the responsible person may be the right way to maximize any compensation awarded.
  • Maritime injuries under the Jones Act: Injured maritime workers who spend at least 30 percent of their work day on a water vessel may be eligible for compensation under the Jones Act. Our attorneys know how this law applies to injury victims and can help you pursue adequate payment for your injuries.
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act: This legislation generally covers workers who labor in maritime occupations, but not necessarily on the water. Men and women who work in ship building, repairs, loading and other fields are typically covered for work injuries under this law.
  • A negligence claim against the responsible party: In some situations, it makes the most sense to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. While workers’ comp releases your employer from liability, it’s possible that a third party’s carelessness is the root cause of your work injury, such as the manufacturer of defective safety equipment you use on the job.

Don’t try to figure out where your situation falls on your own. You have nothing to lose by calling our lawyers. We believe in giving people the clear answers they need so that they can make informed decisions. And your claim evaluation is completely free.

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