VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Since Louisville is on the Ohio River, some of the cases that we see are what are called "maritime claims." What's a maritime claim? Well, what we see are Jones Act cases which could be if you worked on a barge, if you worked on a towboat on the river, then you can be covered under the federal maritime law called Jones Act.

Well, what if you're a harbor worker, maybe you're not on the water, you may be working on the bridges that we're building right now over the Ohio River or work building barges on the shore. Then, you can be covered under what's called the Longshore Act, which is a kind of a federal worker's compensation -- but, it's specifically designed for harbor workers and people working near the water in the maritime industry.

So, if you have questions if you are eligible for -- does your case fall under -- state worker's comp, or maritime, or Jones Act, or Longshore, call us and ask us so we can help let you know and sort that out for you.

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