VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: One type of case that I handle is called the Jones Act. And what that means, if you're a seaman on a ship, on a boat, and we're on the Ohio River. So, we do see a lot of towboats going up and down the river.

An example of one of the Jones Act cases that I handled was a man -- he was a deckhand on a towboat -- working on a line inside a storage locker, and the line was attached to a barge, and the line was attached to inside to a bracket on the storage locker. He was in there doing some work and the captain of the boat, the pilot, backed the boat off, making the line really tight, and when it wasn't untied from the barge it caused the line to break free, breaking this whole bracket from the inside of this locker, severely injuring this man. And, what we had to do, is we had to sue the barge company under the Federal Jones Act laws in order to recover his medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering for him, so he could still provide for his family.

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