VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: One of the questions that I get asked is, "What is a premises case and what type of premises cases do you handle?" A premises case is where you're hurt on someone's property, and we see a lot of premises cases.

For example, what if your landlord doesn't maintain the steps, and you're going up to your apartment? We see a lot of situations where the landlord doesn't keep up with the steps and the steps are broken. Or the hand-railing is loose, causing someone to fall and get hurt. Those types of things, the landlord needs to be held accountable for keeping up with the property.

One particular landlord case is, I represented a gentleman who was in a mobile home and there had been a history of electrical shorts and other properties where there had been electrical fires. And he came home -- he was taking a nap in his couch and his mobile home literally caught fire, burning 80% of his body and the fire department had to come put out the fire, and he's gone through extensive rehab. So, we are maintaining a claim against the landlord for the owner of the property.

So, there's a variety of premises cases and premises situations, and if you have a question about getting hurt on someone's property, call us and find out what your rights are.

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