VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: We've all heard about ridiculous, crazy cases from the media, and we get these emails about phony cases or ridiculous cases saying that someone got lots of money for doing something that seems silly. For example, we've all seen the email about a man driving his Winnebago and putting it on cruise control to go back to get a sandwich, and crashes, and is suing for all kinds of money. The story about the man who was suing somebody for driving over his hands, and it turns out he was stealing the tires off their car. Or the person who sued someone because he was trapped in their house while trying to rob the house. They're called Stella Awards and you've probably seen these emails. And Stella is the name of the woman who was in the McDonald's coffee case, which is a whole other topic, which you probably haven't heard the whole story.

My point is, is that all of those stories that I just talked about are phony. They're made up, fictitious propaganda, but yet they go viral on the internet to create buzz, to create an anti-plaintiff, the anti-person, anti-injured person sentiment. So, the moral of the story is, the point is, that if you hear something that's too crazy to be true, it probably either isn't true or you haven't been told all of the facts.

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