VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: One of the biggest fears that a family member has is getting that phone call from someone involved in an accident, a family member. And one of the biggest things that affected me, that really drove it home for me, and handling these cases and representing people, is just recently when I got a phone call at work one day from my wife who was hit on the Kennedy bridge, and she was obviously in panic and in pain. And I felt helpless -- what could I do to try to get out of work and leave work, stop what I was doing, to go help her? That bridge is a very busy place and there was really nothing I could do, and she felt like she was okay, but the police officer told her, "No, you have to go to the hospital."

So, I had left immediately, met her at the hospital, sat through with her in the emergency room. And so, that really drove home to me, for me, to understand how that feels when you get that call. And I've had clients that get that call from in the middle of the night that their teenager, their loved one, their spouse was hit on the way home or out for the evening. And that's very significant to understand how people feel when they get that call.

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