VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: A question we often receive from people applying for social security disability is that, "I can't do my job anymore, can I get disability?" Well, to apply for social security disability, you have to establish that you cannot do any type of gainful employment. Just because you can't do your last job, and maybe you can't, you are having trouble finding a job, doesn't automatically make you eligible for social security. So, we want to look at all the factors, whether it's age, education, work history, transferable job skills. So, all those factors go into play as far as are you eligible for social security disability. So, if you want us to evaluate your social security disability claim, be sure to give us a call. I'm attorney Karl Truman, and if you have any questions about what I've talked about, call me for a free consultation at 502-222-2222 or email our law firm now.