VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Sometimes, the cases that we handle are more than just about recovering money damages for our clients. Which, money damages are important to put our clients' lives back together. But in one particular case, there was a family where the teenage boy was in a car with some other people and they were crossing at a rural county road. It was a state highway road that was intersectioned. There were no warnings, no stop signs, and they entered the intersection and were T-boned by another car crossing this street, crossing the highway.

What we were able to accomplish with that case was, in addition to monetary damages for the family, we were able to convince the state, as part of our lawsuit, to place a warning light - a hazard light, a blinking hazard light - at that intersection so this wouldn't happen again to another family in the future. So we were able to impact the lives of the whole community in addition to the family of the teenager who got killed.

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