VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Some of the factors you want to look at when you talk to a personal injury attorney is, number one, are they local? You'd be surprised that there's a lot of attorneys you see on TV that aren't even local -- they may be from Florida or other places or other states.

Next, what is their experience? Are they experienced with your type of case? Do they do personal injury work? Are they a general practitioner? Or do they do real estate and divorce, and then just handle personal injury cases when they can fit them in? So, experience is important, because this is all I do. This is all I've done for many years now, is personal injury litigation.

Are they Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy? Look that up to see what the credentials are to become Board Certified. Do they have the staff and resources to handle your case? That's very important, too. Are they going to provide you literature and information about your type of case, give you information on how your case is going to be handled, and then answer your questions so you know what you need to do to get the best recovery?

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