Veterans’ disability is a benefit administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and designed to provide compensation to veterans who suffer disabling injuries, diseases or other medical conditions while on active duty, or veterans whose existing conditions were made worse by their active military service.

As a retired Lieutenant Colonel with the U.S. Army Reserve, Louisville, Kentucky attorney Karl Truman respects the sacrifices our military personnel make in serving our country. As a lawyer with years of experience helping injured veterans recover the benefits they need, he also understands how challenging the veterans’ disability claims process can be. That’s why the entire team at the Karl Truman Law Office is proud to assist disabled veterans in filing their initial claims and appealing denied claims.

Qualifying for Veterans’ Disability Benefits

To be eligible for veterans’ disability benefits, you must be a veteran who served active duty in a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and who was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable. You must have a medically diagnosed disability that occurred during active service or was made worse by your active service.

Conditions that may entitle you to pursue benefits include but are not limited to:

Although it is not required to work with a lawyer in order to be approved for veterans’ disability compensation, your chances for receiving timely approval or successfully appealing a denied veterans’ disability claim are greater when you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side.

How a Veterans’ Disability Attorney Can Help You

Without legal help, attempting to recover veterans’ disability benefits can be frustrating, arduous work. Many veterans with legitimate disabilities are denied benefits upon their initial applications because they lacked proper medical documentation, did not adequately fill out forms, or did not file their applications in a timely fashion.

The attorneys at the Karl Truman Law Office are experienced in veterans' disability applications and appeals, and we have helped numerous veterans from the Louisville, Kentucky, and southeastern Indiana areas receive the benefits they need and deserve. If you’re a disabled veteran, you can “Count on the Colonel” and the entire team at the Karl Truman Law Office to accurately and thoroughly document your benefits claim. We have extensive experience with the VA application and appeals processes, and we can eliminate the stress disabled veterans and their families feel when they try to navigate the complex veterans’ disability process alone.

If you are a disabled veteran or the immediate family member of a disabled veteran, please contact the Karl Truman Law Office through our website or call (502) 222-2222 or 812-282-8500 for more information about applying for veterans’ disability benefits or appealing denied claims. We are proud to serve veterans and their families from the greater Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana, areas.

Fight the VA & Win

Fight the VA and WinFrom Back Cover: Whether you are Army Strong, one of The Few and the Proud, Not for Self but Country, you Aim High, or are Always Ready, you have represented the colors of this great nation. No matter old or young, this country owes you a debt-- especially if you have physical lasting effects of your time in service. Your benefits may only be a few forms away.