Sometimes, numbers can be numbing. Knowing that texting while driving contributes to more than 100,000 auto accidents every year does not have the same impact as seeing the effects of these types of accidents on just a few people, as the short film From One Second to the Next illustrates.

From One Second to the Next is a 35-minute documentary produced by AT&T as part of its “It Can Wait” campaign about the dangers of texting while driving. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Aguirre: The Wrath of God), From One Second to the Next features four segments, each of which focuses on a separate car accident caused by a driver who was texting while behind the wheel.

Two of the accidents resulted in multiple deaths; the other two led to catastrophic injuries. Herzog’s approach is intimate and human. The victims and their family members tell their own stories, and in two of the vignettes Herzog also presents the perspectives of those whose seconds of distraction led to car accidents that claimed the lives of innocent people and changed the lives of surviving victims and their families.

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